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Founded in 2010, Beat Nb drives childhood cancer research and clinical trials. Our mission is to beat neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers. We’re nearing FDA approval on what will be only the 4th drug approved specifically for a childhood cancer since the 80s. We helped found a research consortium now 47 children’s hospitals and research institutions strong — and kids on the trials we’re helping to fund are seeing overall survival rates above 90% (up from ~60% when we started).

What we are doing is working.

Now, we’re looking for someone who loves storytelling — and understands today’s technology landscape…

Over the weekend, I was talking with someone about my recent move to full-time nonprofit at Because of Ezra, and he mentioned “I’m sure you’ll pick up entrepreneurship again at some point.” I agreed, but the sentence stuck with me for the rest of the weekend. Building Because of Ezra is as much entrepreneurship as what I’ve built in the for-profit world.

For most of my life, I’ve been an entrepreneur. I’ve founded or co-founded 7 organizations, made some money in most, and lost some in a couple. …

My wife Robyn and I’s first born son Ezra died in 2010. He had been diagnosed with cancer on the 400th day of his life, and lived exactly 800 days. Ezra battled cancer half his life. He smiled through most of it. He was funny, curious, and compassionate. He flirted with strangers. He learned to walk and to talk in hospitals.


We learned a lot from Ezra, like you can dance and laugh through cancer. We learned the pain from some losses never goes away; it just moves from your skin to your bones. …

“Maybe if you quit your job, you could qualify for Medicaid, and get the full benefits.”

My wife and I live in Tampa after growing up in Seattle, and have had multiple sons with medical issues. Ezra, our first born, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer in 2010, and died in 2011. He was an incredible boy. His brothers Price and Charley were twins, and born very premature at 26 weeks. Price lived only a week.


Charley is a vibrant 5 year old who has his own medical battles to fight from being born so early and spending 7 months in…

Recently, I received an email from someone teaching an apologetics course at her church.

Because you have dealt with so much tragedy in your life and are involved with other people who are going through tough times with their children, I need your help in answering this question from a Christian perspective.

What is your response to the question, “Why would a loving God let my child die?”

I understand if you can’t answer this. It is definitely a difficult question.

Some background — in 2010, Robyn and I lost two sons. Price died in March at 1 week old…

I started working from home full time in 2008. I was 26, and (then only a year old) had started making enough for me to quit my “normal person job.” While my wife Robyn worked at the local pie shop (really) to help cover the bills, we were living in a 1000 square foot apartment in lovely Lutz, FL. You can see one of my first office setups at the top of this post. I started with a $40 rolling cart from Walmart. …

Where your focus should be.

I know, my headline is cliché. But it sits with me all the time, and I wonder if we dwell on it enough. Is it central to how you approach life?

On my personal blog (, and elsewhere, I refer to myself as a “relationship-focused doer of good.” I am 32, have been a founder in 7 companies, and embrace my entrepreneurial bent. It’s energizing for me to take an idea from nascent thought to execution. But the most rewarding and interesting part? People. I am constantly drawn to reflect on who and how we are, from everyday interactions to…

Over a year ago, I wrote a note on my phone with thoughts on how I’d like our family’s life to look. I was feeling very reactionary, responding to things as they happened and not having a clear written set of goals for how we approach life. Since then, I look at this list at least every week, and often daily. Here’s my (non-exhaustive) thoughts on how we’d like to live.

Be outside more. I love working, and I love resting, but I’d noticed we were not outside as much as we used to be. Now, I try to get…

(re-posted from my blog at

Robyn and I moved to Tampa from Seattle in 2005 to help out my family, who’d moved here in 2003. Our plan was always to move home after a few years, and until the last few years that’s what we were gearing up for. Now, we’re loving Tampa, and all in as a part of this community’s growth. Here’s 11 reasons I love living and working in Tampa as a young, socially-focused entrepreneur.

  1. Tampa is excited about it’s present and future. There is not a day goes by I don’t run into people in…

We’ve had the police at our house close to 20 times in the past 90 days. Our story of adoption, sonship, breaking of trust, and healing.

Since losing our two oldest sons, Ezra and Price, in 2010, Robyn and I both have a more visceral understanding of human tragedy. 13 months of cancer treatment, 2 weeks of hospitalized bed rest for Robyn, holding two sons in our arms as they died 8 months apart… you shed any focus on petty things.

We’ve become what I call negative celebrities — we’re the saddest story people around us personally know. This wrenching…

Kyle Matthews

Beating neuroblastoma childhood cancer at Beat Nb, because of Ezra. Used to be all tech. In love with Robyn.

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